I’ve been using iPhoto for years now and recently decided to give Aperture a try. This was prompted by many internet threads I’ve read which complain about iPhoto’s chronological ‘Events’ which can’t be moved or organized in any way. Some people really seem to hate this so I thought I’d give Aperture a try since they recommend it so strongly.

I’ve been trying it out for almost a week now and I have to say that I’m not super impressed.

One of the main complaints people have against iPhoto is that it doesn’t allow folders in the library like the Finder does. They want more control, they say. Well, so far I’ve been less than impressed with that argument. Yes, the Projects-tab in the Inspector-pane does allow folders. But beyond that it doesn’t seem nearly as good as the Finder. Heck, even iTunes have a lot more sorting options than this thing.

First of all, I can’t select multiple folders or projects. So if I want to move 50 projects, I have to click and drag 50 times. (I brought in 361 events from iPhoto, so that made organizing them quite a chore.) Am I missing something? Someone please tell me this is a bug. I can’t believe they did this on purpose.

Secondly, it seems to only order alphabetically. People complained that iPhoto is only chronological which made me think I could organize Aperture’s folder and projects any way I wanted. You know, by date, by file size, by import date…stuff like that. But nope…just alphabetical. So I didn’t move to a more flexible system. I just moved to a program that’s rigid in a different way. This is what people online get excited about?

Now, someone’s going to tell me that I can use the ‘All Projects’ view for chronological view and ‘Smart Albums’ for anything else. That’s all true, but I had those things in iPhoto. What’s the point of coming to Aperture if I’m just going to ignore the much-lauded folders and use the same tools I had in iPhoto? I thought that was the whole point to being here. What I wanted were folders that I could change the order of on a whim. You know…kind of like in the Finder.

I’ve seen people online who force their projects into chronological order by naming them “year-number-name” like, 2009-0064 Picnic Shoot. Wow, great. So I can pretend it’s 1985 and re-name all 361 projects every time I want to change the order? Isn’t that the sort of thing an organizer program is supposed to avoid?

~  ~  ~

The bottom line is that Aperture does many things much better than iPhoto but they’re not the things I really care about.

It’s annoying me that a consumer application fits my needs better than a pro one, but sometimes you just have to accept that and use the tool that works best for you. For me, for now, that’s iPhoto.

I’d love to be proven wrong with Aperture 3.0! I’ll certainly be trying it again when that happens.