The New York times ran a technology article by Sarah Perez comparing Apple’s iPad to Google’s Chrome computer operating system.

I’m going to refrain from talking about the subjective arguments and just focus on 2 glaring factual errors. Luckily for me, both are contained within the same sentence!

Perez writes

But no matter what the real truth is, consumers won’t care. Once they find out that video websites like YouTube don’t work on the iPad, news sites like CNN lack video, and the TV portal Hulu is beyond reach, the iPad will, in their eyes, just NOT work.

No Youtube? Well let’s just fire up and take a look. Oh, look! A photo of the iPad, right here on the front page! Hmm…what’s this?

I don’t see anything

No no. Look closer. Here, let’s zoom in.

Oh. That’s inconvenient.

Ok, so that’s just one teeny tiny little mistake. How could we expect Perez to be familiar with, after all? I’m probably asking too much, aren’t I? And anyway, what about Its website uses Flash to play videos, after all, which we all know the iPad can not display!

Here, I’ll load on my iPhone which is also Flash-impaired.

Let me break this down for you…

Oh. Hm. That seems to be CNN video playing on my iPhone. Well, the aspect ratio is a little weird, but I’m not sure I can classify that as “lacking” video.

Finally, we get to the 3rd item: Hulu. Here, Perez has a point; will NOT work on an iPad. Well, good job on that one, but a 33% success rate for that single sentence isn’t really the best track record. School children fail tests with higher scores than that.

~  ~  ~

There are many other things that I consider wrong with this article, but I’ll leave the endless minutiae to more dedicated bloggers. The only thing I want you to remember is that Sarah Perez seems to write about Apple products without testing them, talking to experts about them, or even opening up in her web browser.

I think you can take that information and make a good guess about how well the rest of the article goes.