So the last time I used the time machine things didn’t go so well. Let’s see if it goes better this time.


Me: “It worked! …again! Welcome, 1990’s Man, to the year 2011!”

1990’s Man: “Whatever, dude. So what’s everyone crying about?”

Me: “Oh, another bookstore went out of business this week.”

1990’s Man: “Man, that’s totally bogus.”

Me: “Uh, yeah. Bogus. Say…you didn’t just watch Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, did you?”

1990’s Man: “Yes! On VHS! How did you know?”

Me: “Oh, no reason.”

1990’s Man: “Still, it IS bogus that even after 20 years the little bookstores are being run out of town by those evil big-box stores! When will it end?”

Me: “Uhm…”

1990’s Man: “The next thing you know there’ll be nothing but chains everywhere!”

Me: “Yeah, about that…”

1990’s Man: “It just makes me mad, is all. I wonder if we go far enough into the future if we could see a day when the big-box stores themselves go out of business! I bet people would be cheering on that undoubtedly righteous day!”

Me: “Ok! Well it’s time to get you home…”

1990’s Man: “But there’s still so much for me to learn! Is there a Blockbuster around? I’ve gotta return this VHS tape.”

Me: “Bye!!”


Ok, this time travel stuff is more complicated than I thought. I may have to work on this some more before we try it again.